PS2 to PS4 Super Converter



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SS001 Fireware Download


Connection about the converter


After you connect the controller according to the following steps, you can make DJMAX RESPECT mode work normally.

  1. Connect the PlayStation 2 connector of the controller to the PlayStation 2 connector of converter
  2. Connect PlayStation 4 gamepad to any USB connector in the both side of the convertor with a USB cable
  3. Connect the USB of the converter to PlayStation 4 body
  4. Connect the red USB connector of the controller to PlayStation 4 body

Start game

The blue pilot light of the converter should turn green, and keep shining after flashing about 30 seconds, then you can play game
Mode switch Press start+select+5, simultaneously about a second, PS2 IIDX mode and DJMAX RESPECT mode of the controller can be switched repeatedly

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