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Because you need to avoid the programs in the system access your controller, when you are going to upgrade the firmware, please close the following programs

1. JoyToKey-etc...;

2. bemanixxxxs;

3. Game controller property page in Windows system;

4. Any program that can access the controller

1. Only keep the following 2 USB devices: keyboard and mouse connected to the PC;

2. Hold start+select+NO.3 BUTTON at the same time without releasing, then connect the 2 USB connectors of the controller to the PC;

3. Re-start the burning software;

4. If vid_034c device still can’t be found, please try again;

5. If it can’t be found by all means, please try burning firmware on a different PC.

djdao update tool

Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64 bit, windows 10 32/64 bit

Chinese, English, Japanese operating system

Attention: Haven’t tested the other systems or languages.

It supports the controllers purchased since the end of 2014.

The PCB supporting burning new firmware is shown as right image.

djdao pcb

If burning is failed, and the situation is the same as what is shown in right image,
please refer to the following method to re-burn the firmware

1. Close the burning software, and unplug the 2 USB connectors of the controller from the PC;

2. Hold Start+Select+NO.3 button of the controller at the same time without releasing;

3. Re-plug the 2 USB connectors of the controller to PC. And you can release the buttons when the turntable LED light lights up;

4. Start burning software, and choose the firmware you want to re-burn.

Click here to check the video version on how to deal with upgrade fail

djdao update fail

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