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  • Turntable with Lightning model texture effect.
  • Integral injection molding of two materials, long-term use will not cause warping of the texture layer, more durable than the arcade version.
  • Same damping method as Arcade Lightning model.
  • The damping effect of the turntable can be adjusted by increasing / decreasing the flakes.
  • The turntable sticker is a magnetic structure, which can be easily loaded and unloaded for maintenance of the turntable.


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  • Quota is full. Future orders will only be fitted with the default 65° turntable, and no 75° turntable will be included.





Q: How does the Lightning model turntable feel?

A: In the case of sweaty hands, it is better than EMP and silicone turntables, and theoretically better than Lightning model arcade turntables.


Q: What is the difference between Lightning model turntable 65° and 75°?

A: 65° is softer than 75°, and the anti-slip effect is better when the hands are not sweaty.


Q: How to adjust the damping of lightning model turntable?

A: Documentation will be released in mid-July.


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