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After completing the C33 design, what was the new goal for the GAMO2 design team: smaller full-sized beatmania IIDX controller for the world, with turntable that is more comfortable and lighting display that is more beautiful. Bring possibility to communication with friends outside, and all game skills accumulated can be applied to the arcade to get a higher score.


  • Supports Beatmania IIDX across all platforms. Adapts to PS2, PC and mobile phone versions effortlessly.
  • 1P/2P quick switch design. Switch in 10 seconds without tools.
  • 16 million colors RGB lighting system. Sound activated LED light effects produce a more complete and immersive experience.
  • Screwless front panel design. Beautiful, generous and smooth.
  • Liquid silicone rubber turntable grip and aircraft-level Aluminum base. Support fingers sturdily no matter how intense the scratching is.
  • 6-speed turntable sensitivity. From beginner to insane difficulty, firmly respond to every subtle flicks.
  • Native arcade turntable structure. Precisely replicate the original damping of arcade turntable.
  • Customizable button selection. Multiple combinations of different models of buttons, switches and springs,match it as you wish.

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Q & A


Q:   What is the difference between it and the PHOENIXWAN of the new PCB sold before?

A:     The panel design and materials have been updated, with a new turntable sticker design. Everything else is the same.


Q:   How was the old PHOENIXWAN upgraded to a new PCB?

A:      Click here to purchase a new PCB upgrade kit.


Q:   I have PHOENIXWAN with a new PCB, how can I buy a new button panel?

A:      Click here to purchase a new panel kit.


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