USB uart cable for TASOLLER





Delivery Date:


1~2 weeks

This cable is only for TASOLLER update. So free shipping.



What's function

It's for updating the firmware of touch PCB of TASOLLER. When you update V2.0 firmware of touch PCB, you will get this:

  • Feel less gap between 2 keys.
  • When the finger is suspended on the touchpad, it reduces the possibility of false triggering;
  • Sensitivity brings better balance.



Q & A


Q:    How to update the firmware of touch PCB of TASOLLER?

A:     Click here to read the guide


Q:    If windows don't install the USB UART driver, how to download the drivers?

A:     Click here to download the drivers for USB UART cable


Q:    What the order of the 4pin wire?

A:      Red (5V), White (RXD), Green (TXD), Black (GND), this is the order for the cable.


Q:    When did you buy TASOLLER, you need to upgrade the Touch firmware?

A:     Before May 28,2021, touch firmware is V1.0;  After May 28, 2021, touch firmware is V2.0.  SO, if you buy TASOLLER after May 28,2021, DON'T need this.





Physical specifications

  • USB cable length: 1.8m
  • OS: don't need driver on Windows 10

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  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • HSBC

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