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It's a keyboard, also a game controller.


The K28 brings you a new experience of playing games, and you can have fun on the host without any adapters. Preset 11 key layouts, and 8 custom layouts, covering most console games.
The small size is beyond your expectation, and if you take it out of the door, you only need a small space to put it down.


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What’s new?


  • New firmware to improve the stability of working under 1000Hz reporting rate;
  • Using the steel plate satellite shaft, the feel of the space bar is improved;
  • Add Steam mode, B44+B13, B44+B14(all are empty, need to customize the key value);
  • Add a keyboard mode, B44+B12(B14, B15 are space bar. Suitable for 7-key type games);
  • Added 2 Switch custom modes, B44+B17, B44+B18;
  • Add the switch light combination key, B44+B38+B28+B18 (4 keys on the right, press at the same time for 3 seconds to turn off/on the LED light);
  • Fix the bug that the LED light is always on and heating.



Q & A


Q:   I have an old K28, how to upgrade the firmware?

A:     We will release new firmware in May, and users of old models can also upgrade.


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