SVSE5 sound voltex controller 2020




Delivery Date:


1~2 weeks


We will temporarily stop the sale of SVSE5 controller with 801 encoder configuration. Sorry for the trouble .You can choose Copal encoder configuration.



SVSE5 update on 10/23/2020


  • Improve the knobs output, more stabilized.
  • The BT and FX button edge have been polished by hand seriously, clear the matter of button stuck.
  • New SS006 PCBA, supports firmware updating in the future.
  • Add EAcloud mode, natively supports SOUND VOLTEX III – PC Version (eAMUSEMENT Cloud) , don’t need setup anything.
  • Add HID & KSM mode, supports keyboard & mouse, supports HID light effect.
  • Switch the MODE by combination key.
  • ON / OFF the light by combination key.
  • Report time is 1ms.



How to use it


Eacloud Mode

  • Default, device type is Joystick, natively supports SOUND VOLTEX III – PC Version (eAMUSEMENT Cloud), don't need any setup.
  • ** If no at the eacloud mode, please open game after switch eacloud mode.

HID & KSM Mode

  • Device is keyboard & Mouse,button is keyborad,knob is mouse X & Y.
  • Supports:K-Shoot Mania,USC,Specietxxls,bemanitxxls,HID light ( only button ).

Show Current Mode

  • Start + FX-L + FX-R push at same time, hold for more than 1 second.
  • BT-A light up, means current mode is eacloud.
  • BT-B light up, means current mode is HID & KSM.

Key Combination

  • Start + FX-L + FX-R , Show Current mode.
  • Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-A, EAcloud mode.
  • Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-B, HID & KSM mode.




Physical specifications

  • Length: 610 mm
  • Width: 360 mm
  • Height: 190 mm
  • Net weight: 3.2 kg



  • Windows XP、Vista
  • Windows 7、8、10



  • USB port, 1ms report time
  • With the function of switching button LEDs.
  • Arcade style knobs, perfect feeling.
  • Arcade style buttons
  • Bottom panel is used magnetic structure, which is easy for maintenance.


Package Contents

  • SVSE5
  • (1x) 2.0mm allen wrench, used for disassembling knobs

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  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • HSBC

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