SVSE5 sound voltex controller



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Both the distance of knobes and the distance of buttons are the same as the standard of aracde.

The knobs customized are according to the standard of arcade, with aluminum material, you can enjoy its perfect feeling.

Support Sound Voltex games and K-Shoot MANIA.

Use the highest IC, without any lag on PC.

2015-03-14 Update of accessories
White square buttons have been improved.
Using DAO private mold manufacturing, the problem that buttons get stuck will be improved, the feeling of it is 90% close to Sanwa button. It is the most cost-effective button.

  • Support Windows XP,Vista,7,8(32bit&64bit)
  • USB port, without any lag on PC
  • With the function of switching button LEDs. (Press START,BT-A,BT-B,BT-C and BT-D more than 1 second, you will switch button LEDs)
  • Arcade style knobs, pefect feeling.
  • Back panel is used magnetic structure, which is easy for maintenance.

(1x) 2.0mm allen wrench, used for disassembling knobs