SVSE5 sound voltex controller 2020






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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the approaching Chinese New Year holiday

The delivery date of suppliers is delayed. January 15 (including January 15 orders) will be shipped before February 10. Orders starting on January 16 will be shipped in order of order on February 18.



We will temporarily stop the sale of SVSE5 controller with 801 encoder configuration. Sorry for the trouble .You can choose Copal encoder configuration.


SVSE5 update on 10/23/2020


  • Improve the knobs output, more stabilized.
  • The BT and FX button edge have been polished by hand seriously, clear the matter of button stuck.
  • New SS006 PCBA, supports firmware updating in the future.
  • Add EAcloud mode, natively supports SOUND VOLTEX III – PC Version (eAMUSEMENT Cloud) , don’t need setup anything.
  • Add HID & KSM mode, supports keyboard & mouse, supports HID light effect.
  • Switch the MODE by combination key.
  • ON / OFF the light by combination key.
  • Report time is 1ms.



How to use it


Eacloud Mode

  • Default, device type is Joystick, natively supports SOUND VOLTEX III – PC Version (eAMUSEMENT Cloud), don't need any setup.
  • ** If no at the eacloud mode, please open game after switch eacloud mode.

HID & KSM Mode

  • Device is keyboard & Mouse,button is keyborad,knob is mouse X & Y.
  • Supports:K-Shoot Mania,USC,Specietxxls,bemanitxxls,HID light ( only button ).

Show Current Mode

  • Start + FX-L + FX-R push at same time, hold for more than 1 second.
  • BT-A light up, means current mode is eacloud.
  • BT-B light up, means current mode is HID & KSM.

Key Combination

  • Start + FX-L + FX-R , Show Current mode.
  • Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-A, EAcloud mode.
  • Start + FX-L + FX-R + BT-B, HID & KSM mode.




Physical specifications

  • Length: 610 mm
  • Width: 360 mm
  • Height: 190 mm
  • Net weight: 3.2 kg



  • Windows XP、Vista
  • Windows 7、8、10



  • USB port, 1ms report time
  • With the function of switching button LEDs.
  • Arcade style knobs, perfect feeling.
  • Arcade style buttons
  • Bottom panel is used magnetic structure, which is easy for maintenance.


Package Contents

  • SVSE5
  • (1x) 2.0mm allen wrench, used for disassembling knobs

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  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • HSBC

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