SVRE9 SoundVoltex Controller

SVRE9 SoundVoltex Controller



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SVRE9 SoundVoltex RealEdition Controller

The structure of the controller is designed to appear the same as an arcade , after spending 18 months, finally SoundVoltex has been made perfectly.

2015-03-14 Update of accessories
White square buttons have been improved.
Using DAO private mold manufacturing, the problem that buttons get stuck will be improved, the feeling of it is 90% close to Sanwa button. It is the most cost-effective button.


  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • With two USB ports, no lag playing on PC.
  • There is a switch for opening and closing the LED of buttons, and there are LED lights on both two sides.
  • You can change the LED color of the both two sides freely
  • Using magnetic structure is convenient for maintenance.
  • The knobs have very long life that you haven’t imagined.
  • GW: 8.9kg
  • Net weight: 6.9kg
  • USB wires: 2.5m

Parts included:

  • (1x)1.5mm allen wrench, use for removing encoder
  • (1x)2.0mm allen wrench, use for removing knobs