C33 US

C33 Traditional Edition US




C33 Traditional Edition US is only for United States customer,we use L.A.storehouse.You can get it in short time and with free shipping.

It comes with default config.

  • DAO customize buttons.
  • Honeywell microswitches.
  • Red LED lights for buttons.

If you are American,please select it.

  • The new style of IC support PlayStation2,PlayStation3 and PC。IC can connect PC directly without any driver, it can support windows XP, Windows Vista 32 / 64, windows 7 32 /64 perfectly.
  • The LED power supply system is independent, it supply power for both ring-lights and key-lights, which can be disconnected when not needed.
  • The monocoque mold is injecting molded by material imported from Germany, which is strong and durable.
  • To cut the 45 ° bevel of transparent acrylic ring by new CNC technique, which is more smooth and beautiful without rough edges;
  • Metal rings are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, the 45 ° bevel edges are polished by 0.1mm high-precision machine tools.
  • The IC process is perfect, there is no delay when the turntable switch with high-frequency. For rotating 2 times in the same direction, the judge is faster than arecade.  
  • LONGNOTE is supported, without delay and wrong judge.
  • Cutting by acrylic material imported from Germany, transmittance reach to 99.99%.
  • We use HONEYWELL micro switch with 15 grams efforts, which has more than 10 million times mechanical life. The special customer buttons has acoustic structure, which can make very crisp hit sound.
  • With new design of switching structure of 1P and 2P, you can switch 1P and 2P manually without screwdriver in 1 minute.
  • We supply unique cable storage box, there is no longer need to worry about wire storage.
  • The molding metal side has gorgeous arcade metal effect.
  • The turntable has wonderful touch feeling,you can have amazing experience of DJ with comfortable friction .
  • The unique colorful LED ring lights has hidden codes, you can change button colors by pressing 7 keys together. .

BEMANI Controller (?)

C33 Traditional Edition US limited
4.5KG / 9.9LBS
AC standard
Dicaryon LED
Highlight LED
USB Standard Type A plug & PlayStation2 Port
USB standard A receptacle
DJ MAX Trilogy,EZ2ON,O2jam,O2mania,RDM,LR2
Windows XP,Vista,7(32bit & 64bit)
USB Converter Wires Power Adaptor

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  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • HSBC

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