EMP 151



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It is used the same non-slip material as the EMP sheet of arcade, which is made in Japan. And the quality is much better than the EMP151 previously.
It is used for FPS, KOC and PBC.
Material: (surface) Non-foamed PVC (PVC-based synthetic leather.) (inside)Woolley polyester
Specific: diameter is 151mm
Bounding: 3M ultrathin strong double-sided adhesive.
How to use: 
Wipe the suface of turntable, to make sure that there is no dust on it. Then tear out the double-sided adhesive in the back of EMP151, align the center of turntable, and gum it onto the turntable.
Attention: If it is not stuck well, please use
a hairdryer to make the EMP sheet become hot( the purpose is to soften the double-sided adhesive), then tear out EMP151, gum it onto turntable again.

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