Pop'n music Arcade Style Controller




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Pop'n music Arcade Style Controller (POP ASC) is the first DJDAO products using AC specifications controller, which is created in 2006. It has experienced 2 times of appearance upgrade and 4 times IC upgrade .

  • POP ASC has AC standard size and panel made by imported acrylic, the surface is smooth and wonderful.
  • Button is designed as arcade button structure, the micro switch using the same efforts as arcade, we choose Omron micro that can be used longer than arcade micro switch.
  • The  distance of 9 buttons are the same as arcade.
  • All DJDAO products select custom screws , the appearance parts use SHCS , which is nice and safe.
  • The LOGO of panel is copy from arcade machine, which has exactly the same appearance and effects.
  • To use the latest 2012 models of IC, there are 3 interfaces: 1 PS2 interface , 1 USB A male and 1 USB A female. The USB A female is connected with attached  adapter for power supply.  For PS2 use PS2 interface to connect, for PC use USB A male to connect .
  • There is no delay for PS2 and 4ms delay for PC ( We use the lowest latency USB chipset in  the world currently. )



BEMANI Controller (?)

Pop'n music Arcade Style Controller
9.7KG / 21.3LBS
Dicaryon LED
USB Standard Type A plug & PlayStation 10 Port
DJ MAX Trilogy,EZ2ON,O2jam,O2mania,RDM,LR2,HDD
Windows XP,Vista,7(32bit & 64bit)

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