• Use highest frequency of 1000Hz to keep steady output;
  • Not HID-keyboard mode, but the only one supports INFINITAS directly in the world, which can adjust LaneCover and LIFT precisely;
  • With super high class turntable algorithm, when you rotate turntable back and forth, the judgements are all the same, and no any lag;
  • To make sure that the accurate value of button output reaches 1ms, the button signal is optimized separately. Support turntable perfectly On LR2;
  • Special function on LR2, LaneCover and LIFT can be adjusted with turntable; Support HID-light perfectly;
  • Double click and triple click of select BUTTON can achieve the function of the third button;

Both on PS2 and on PC, the problem that turntable misfires and the problem of sensitivity will be solved.

1. It is possible to switch the sensitivity of the turntable quickly.

2. The turntable can be activated via shorter moving distance.

3. Quicker response without any lag.

4. The fluency that you choose songs on PC.

5. Use 250Hz on PC, the reporting time is 4ms.

On PC please pay attention that:

1. Don’t use HID-USB software to refresh the reporting frequency, 250Hz is the highest frequency. It will lead to unknown mistake, if you increased the frequency artificially.

2. 250Hz will not affect the scores during actual game-play.


FP7 2012 is the latest products of FP7 , appearance and structure have been updated .

  • FP7 is the earliest product of DJDAO, which is also the sell-well products . FP7 is created in 2005, which experienced 6 times appearance revision and 4 times IC upgrade.
  • FP7 2012 smart dimensions of AC -style look , you can customize the color of the ring lights color and button lights , you can customize the panel color they like .
  • The FP7 2012 scratch is 21mm high, which is the same as AC. Diameter of Turntable is 178mm, which is larger than KOC turntable, you can get higher score in game.
  • All buttons are designed as arcade structure , you can choose the custom DJDAO buttons and  SANHE button. The DJDAO custom buttons are cheaper and feel good, SANHE buttons are more expensive, but feel perfect. The beatmania IIDX arcade button use SANHE buttons .
  • FP7 2012 use the latest CNC cutting process and imported German acrylic material with smooth texture .
  • All DJDAO products select custom screws , the appearance parts use SHCS , which is nice and safe.
  • Bottom use magnetic structure , you can open bottom for maintenance without any tool.
  • The LOGO of turntable is copy from arcade machine, which has exactly the same appearance and effects.
  • You can replacement 1P and 2P without any tool:Open Bottom case,unscrew 4 screw handwheels and rotate button panel 180 °.
  • To use the latest 2012 models of IC, there are 3 interfaces: 1 PS2 interface , 1 USB A male and 1 USB A female. The USB A female is connected with attached  adapter for power supply.  For PS2 use PS2 interface to connect, for PC use USB A male to connect .
  • There is no delay for PS2 and 4ms delay for PC ( We use the lowest latency USB chipset in  the world currently. )


FP7 2012 update details:

  • Narrowing the gap between the turntable and aluminum ring , to avoid the little finger be stuck or hurt in the gap while playing;
  • To cut transparent acrylic ring by new CNC style, 45 ° bevel feel more smooth and beautiful ,which is better than AC;
  • With 11 screws of the old section of FP7 removed from the black surface acrylic panel, the appearance looks more amazing.
  • The assembled panel hypotenuse using the latest CNC cutting, smooth surface
  • To use magnetic mode for bottom fixing,without screw the maintenance become more convenient
  • You can replacement 1P and 2P without any tool:Open Bottom case,unscrew 4 screw handwheels, rotate button panel 180 °,then 1P and 2P can be replaced in 2 minutes conveniently.
  • The gear had been redesigned, new gear use mold injection, the material is German ABS material, whose degree of deformation is much smaller than the old model. Basically gear hitting the photoelectric switch will not happen, and there will not be "squeaky" noises. With longer diameter the turntable become more sensitive.
  • The background panel have 7 different colors can be choose,which are silver , red , orange , green , blue , pink and purple, gold and black will be increased in future.



BEMANI Controller (?)

FP7 2012
6.2KG / 13.6LBS
AC standard
Dicaryon LED
Highlight LED
USB Standard Type A plug & PlayStation 2 Port
USB standard A receptacle
DJ MAX Trilogy,EZ2ON,O2jam,O2mania,RDM,LR2
Windows XP,Vista,7 (32bit & 64bit)
USB Converter Port

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